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January 8-11, 2009 - Las Vegas, NV
Moscode 402 Au
at the 2009 CES!

George Kaye and the new Moscode 402Au will be live at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas, in the Venetian Towers Suite 29-324.  Come hear the 402Au partnered with the steller Von Schweikert VR-5 SE speakers.  Look forward to seeing you there!

2009 Winter CES
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NEW! Moscode now in select Dealers!



October 10-12, 2008 - Denver, CO
New Moscode 402 Au
at RMAF '08 ~ Rm 468!

Come talk to George Kaye and HEAR the new Moscode 402Au with 100% Gold Plated Circuit Board paired with the amazing Von Schweikert VR-5 SE speakers! This is a room you won't want to miss as we're aiming for Best in Show. In addition, George is going to be offering a show-stopper special on the 402Au and Von Schweikerts. See you there!

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2008
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Moscode 401HR  in June 06  Stereophile - Wes Phillips  - Click Here
  See June Stereophile Moscode 401HR Review

Wes Phillips listens to the 401HR
Moscode 401HR in
June '06 Stereophile

"...the Moscode 401HR came frighteningly close to making me think there was (a band in the room), not simply because it sounded real but also because it felt real.  It possessed that jump factor to such a stunning degree that it felt as if the moving air creating the sounds was physically striking me."
See the Moscode 401HR TAS Review .pdf in full
Stereophile Moscode 401HR Review
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Moscode 401HR  in February 06  The Absolute Sound - Click for FULL TAS REVIEW PDF
  See February TAS Moscode 401HR Review in Full

Moscode 401HR in the Press!
Moscode Featured in
The Absolute Sound!

"...Sumptuous and dynamic, it conveys any type of music... So fetching is the Moscode, visually and sonically, that I found myself eagerly lugging it to several friends’ systems, delighting in their stunned expressions as they discovered the smooth, grainless presentation..."
See the Moscode 401HR TAS Review .pdf in full
Full TAS review with George Kaye's comments below
TAS Mocode 401HR Review pdf

Robb Report  ~   March/April 2006
Home Entertainment

"Sound is by nature ethereal, but there is something about the way the best components imbue sound with characteristics that approach a physical presence... it seems like the 401HR lets my brain process less, so there is more truth in the sound. You find yourself more involved - your feet are moving, your head is bopping to the music. If you have never heard a tube amplifier in all its glory, the Moscode's sonics might feel like decadent pleasure.

"The amp's 'round' sound mimics the timbre of live acoustic instruments, so I of course expect chamber and orchestral music to reap the benefits of tube's golden warmth. It does, but it is rock 'n' roll that truly wows me. Fire up Jimi Hendrix and early Bruce Springsteen, and the 401HR really struts its stuff. The raunchiest blues reach out to pull on my heartstrings. Even if I did not know that George Kaye plays bass, I might guess that after I hear the way that jazz icon Ron Carter's stand-up bass looms large over the Moscode. The instrument's life force comes through, loud and clear."
See the Moscode 401HR Home Entertaintment Review .pdf in full
Full HE review below and to the upper left
HE Mocode 401HR Review pdf

401HR at HE2005 - Read  HE2005 Show Report in full
    See HE2005 Report in full & Press Response

Moscode is Back!
HE2005 Show Report
Enthusiastic Press and Audiophiles Pack Room To Experience the New 401HR Stereo Amplifier

Wow! That was fantastic. A big thanks to everyone for visiting us at HE2005 at the New York Hilton to check out my new 200Wpc stereo 401HR... continued below

Full HE2005 Report & Pics

The Press Responds -  401HR at HE2005

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The Press Responds!
The Moscode 401HR brings accolades from the Audiophile Press at the HE2005 in NYC!  Read all the 401HR buzz and see Moscode's guests! Visit link below.

Press on 401HR at HE2005

Visit the Moscode 2005 Home Entertainment Show Report for details and pics!
     ~ click above for Moscode Show Report ~

See full size
          Moscode 401HR Tube Hybrid Amplifier - Silver
                            - click for full size -

The Return of Moscode!
Home Entertainment Show 2005
April 28- May 1 ~ New York City Hilton

Audition the New Moscode 401HR Tube Hybrid Amplifier at Home Entertainment 2005! Moscode will be doing a live exhibit partnered with some of the best names in audio in our fully tuned room, suite 1014 of the NYC Hilton!

Meet Audio Guru, designer, standup bass extraordinaire, and the Man Behind Moscode, George Kaye along with some very special guests.

The anchor of the room is none other than our flagship, the all new Moscode 401HR, 200Wpc of glorious Tube Hybrid sound in both Stereo and Vertical Bi-Amped Configurations. This amp is something special; indeed, George wouldn't let it out the door if it wasn't! The 401HR is Designer George Kaye’s salute to Harvey “Gizmo” Rosenberg, the soul behind the original Moscode offerings.

Featured System

Sim Moon Audio
Moscode 401HR
Von Schweikert Speakers
Harmonic Technology Cables
Studio Tech stands
Room Tunes
Chesky Recordings

A very special guest includes Rob Fraboni, Producer - Engineer - Mastering for such greats as The Band, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, and the Rolling Stones. Rob will be spinning some unreleased recordings from his vault that is a must hear and a perfect compliment to the Moscode system anchored by the all new 401HR amplifier. This is a special sneak preview that you won't want to miss and a Moscode exclusive!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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