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The NEW Moscode 402Au Hybrid amplifier, now with Gold Plated Circuit Board, delivers unparalleled sonics with the ability to handle difficult loads with consummate ease, combining the best of tubes with the best of MOSFET technology.
At 200Wpc, the 402Au is powerful, stable, and eminently musical, traits that you don't often find in one amplifier.
Tune your system by dropping the faceplate and changing tubes - The 402Au is a Tube Rollers Dream!
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More on George Kaye, Head Engineer at Moscode I’m George Kaye, musician and Chief Engineer at Moscode, and I’d like to tell you about my new power amplifier. I finally have something new that I feel is worthy of the Moscode name.

It goes without saying that I’m a tube man, going back through the Moscode 300 to Futterman OTLs. I love tube sound. There is nothing that approaches the harmonic richness and timbral accuracy exhibited with tubes in the circuit. The challenge for me has always been delivering the tube refinement and sonics of the Futterman OTLs while using efficient solid-state output devices that can handle the heft and control in the bottom end. In a word, I have always wanted to combine the best of tubes with the best of solid state perfecting the union to bring about an unparalleled amplifier.

Enter the new Moscode 402Au, now with gold trace circuit board. My powerful and refined new amplifier delivers a lucid, dynamic, and musical 200Wpc using a fully optimized Class A tube driver stage coupled to MOSFET power outputs for what I believe to be one of the best amplifiers I have made.

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It will drive any load with aplomb, exhibiting amazing dynamics and bottom end control, yet still provide the delicacy, harmonic detail, and tonal richness prevalent in the lower power tube offerings. This is a hard balancing act to achieve yet the 402Au does so in spades.

The 402Au is a low-feedback, dual-mono, dual-regulated hybrid design on hard-wired elastomer-mount circuit boards to provide superior vibration control. Moscode quality goes deep; there’s no off-board speaker wiring, and just four wires per channel carry the audio signal. Moscode Maxi Caps are used along with MIT coupling caps, and Edison Price Music Posts. Cardas takes care of all our connectors and internal wiring.


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The Moscode 401HR
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And I'm equally proud of this amplifier's compelling combination of engineering and aesthetics, with form following function providing a stunning visual, all input and driver tubes in full glow behind the dedicated glass panel. Now you can actually tune your system by dropping the faceplate and changing tubes, no tools or fuss required! The list of potential tube choices here is impressive (See tube list behind panel here). It's a tube roller's dream! It also features a unique and attractive discreet edge-lit logo in the tube window that changes color depending on operating status. And for those who are power mad, a mono switch parallels the inputs for easy vertical biamping.

In short, the new Moscode 402Au (my homage to Harvey Rosenberg) is a nuanced and engaging amplifier; it entices you into the music.  Simply put, this amplifier incorporates every circuit refinement I’ve made over the last 20 years, all bundled in one superior amplifier, an amplifier finally deserving to carry the name Moscode.

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The best news of all? This is a win-win situation for the music lover, as this amplifier is offered essentially risk free!  When I say risk free, I'm not mincing words here.  I want you to hear this amplifier in your OWN system, in YOUR listening room, the only place it really matters.  You get 331/3 days to see and hear why I think this amplifier is so special. And if you are not satisfied in any way, give me a call and the return shipping is on Moscode.

"Try the 402Au for 331/3rd Days, Risk Free, in the  only place that really matters, your own system."

I would love for you to hear the 402Au so drop me an email or give me a call toll free so we can get a 402Au in your own system.  You'll love this amplifier!

- George Kaye

For those interested in the technical details on the Moscode 402Au Circuit and features, please see link below or head to the Products page

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