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George Kaye sitting in on standup with Frank Senior
George Kaye at HE2005 with 401HR
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Moscode is Back!
Moscode at HE2005
Enthusiastic Press and Audiophiles Pack Room to Experience the New 401HR Stereo Amplifier

Wow! That was fantastic. A big thanks to everyone for visiting us at HE2005 at the New York Hilton to check out my new 200Wpc stereo 401HR. It was just great meeting each and every one of you and sharing Moscode Memories, reminiscences of Harvey, and your new listening impressions.

We found that by angling the Von Schweikert VR-4 JR's at 45 degrees to the rear corners and backing them up, we lowered the room’s bass boom, and tamed a vicious slap echo with Michael Kochman’s Echo Busters. Thanks to Lionel at Sim Moon Audio for the terrific sounding front-end, and Stereovox and Harmonic Technology for cables and power cords and Igor Kuznetsoff of K Works for his power line Silencers.

Thursday, Press & Trade Day, was busy right from the start, building up to a crescendo for our official press event. We had to stack the listening chairs to make room for a SRO press corps! Speaking to such a receptive and enthusiastic group about my new amplifier was a great experience. Some of you looked kind’a startled when I fished my hand around inside a live amp while I was talking about it, but I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, and I’m still here. The party continued well past the 6 o’clock show close, and we got close, musical and personal with many of our old friends and new acquaintances. Man, Harvey would have loved it.

The next three days were exhilarating. My business partner Gage Rommel and his belle Jill McKenty and I were busy meeting, greeting, and DeeJaying. I want to thank my sister Maggie for working the room Saturday afternoon. We had fun with legendary producer/engineer Rolling Stones mastering man Rob Fraboni, and Hollywood pianist/arranger Lincoln Mayorga and his daughter came by, as journalists and musicians, music lovers, and audiophiles pressed in to mix and mingle. Walt Szymanski, a great NY trumpeter, stopped by and we had a good old-fashioned listening session diggin’ the Brandenburg Concertos. Bach had it covered!

Being true to my bass, I kept my music jones happening by sitting in on acoustic bass with masterful jazz vocalist Frank Senior at Roth's Steak House, 93rd & Columbus, on Saturday night. Thanks, gentlemen!

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