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The Press Responds ~ 401HR at HE2005

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HE2005 Day One:
The Press of the Press

By Wes Phillips

"Gizmoid, of course, brings to mind the late Harvey Rosenberg, and the last product introduction of the day was Moscode's $4995 401 HR (that's in memory of Harvey), a 200Wpc tube/MOSFET hybrid amp that looked and sounded pretty special. Designer George Kaye, who worked for New York Audio Labs back in the 1980s, called the 401 HR an update and extension of his original Moscode circuit. 'It's everything I've done to upgrade the originals, along with new stuff I've thought up since then,' he said. 'I wanted to make it look nice, and then we made it 'gizmologic' with a glass faceplate. I have tubes for voltage stability and the MOSFETS in the output stage eliminate the problems caused by transformers.' "

"Remember, this is a man who revised Julius Futterman's OTL (output transformerless) amplifiers back at NYAL, so he's pretty serious when he says that trannies have their flaws. 'MOSFETS have limitations, but transformers have phase funnies (truncations at the frequency extremes), as well as hysteresis and phase anomalies between the primary and secondary windings. In comparison, the harmonic distortions of MOSFETs are minor—and they are easily compensated for with a little negative feedback.' "

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The Weird and the Wonderful at
HE 2005 in NY
  by Robert H. Levi

"One more time! Moscode is back, and George Kaye is alive and well, selling direct to the consumer. His new amp is a beauty, with tube rolling in mind. The front end is tubed and the output is solid state. With 200 watts into 8 ohms, this powerhouse was gorgeous to see and hear.

Albert Von Schweikert, GK, Robert Levi, & Kevin Hayes of VAC

Put about any tubes in the front end and click a switch. The entire front panel is hinged for easy access. At $4995, it's not cheap, but a sonic winner. The Model 401HR is the one to ask for, with very luxurious sound and strong dynamics. I liked it a lot. It will do 300 watts into 4 ohms, with single-ended operation only."

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By Srajan Ebaen

"Besides his own three rooms, Albert Von Schweikert also had speakers in the Moscode room. The Moscode 401HR -- HR for Harvey 'Gizmo' Rosenberg of course -- is a 200/300wpc into 8/4 ohm hybrid stereo amplifier designed by George Kaye and sold Internet-direct with a 33.3-day home trial period. Tubes can be swapped as long as the outer and inner pairs remain identical. Pick from 6H30Pis, 6GU7s, 6DJ8s, 6922s, 6FQ7s, 5814s, 7730s or 12AU7s. A laser-edged display changes color depending on status and can be adjusted for brightness. Introductory pricing is $4,995, with an eventual price increase expected."

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Enjoy The Music HE2005 Show Report
Thursday - Page 2

"Moscode is back! Seen here is their new 401HR ($4,995) with four front located tubes. Flexibility is amazing as your choice of tubes that can be used include 6H30Pi, 6GU7, 6DJ8, 6FQ7, 7730, or 12AU7. Main output is via solid-state that produces 200 watt (8 ohms, 300 watt 4 ohm) in "Class AB." Other features include low level of negative feedback in only a single amplification stage, no output inductors, optical-coupled floating bias, lots of regulation... MultiCaps, Solen... separate fuses for each amplifier power rail... You get the point. The front panel illumination is adjustable via rear knob."

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2005 Home Entertainment Show
By Dennis Barker

"Who said that tube technology was dead? Moscode has introduced their new 401HR Stereo Amplifier that features 200 watts of advanced hybrid tube technology. This powerful and refined 401HR delivers crisp, dynamic, and musical 200-watts per channel of sound using a classic tube driver stage coupled to MOSFET power outputs. It’s presented in a handsome chassis with enclosed heatsinks and sexy drop-down front panel for easy access to the tubes. You can use the factory-supplied tube pairs or literally tune the sound by changing the driver tubes. The 401HR incorporates every circuit refinement that the company has made over the last 20 years for the many Moscode 300s still out there. According to the manufacturer, the new 401HR is a powerful, nuanced and engaging amplifier; it entices you into the music. It also features an attractive but discreet edge-lit logo in the tube window that changes color depending on operating status. And, for those of you out there who are power mad, a mono switch parallels the inputs for easy vertical bi-amping. Available with either a silver or black face plate, the 401HR Stereo Amplifier carries a price of $4,995."

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Home Entertainment Show 2005
East is a Sweet Feast

By Mike Quinn

"Jazz bassist George Kaye, most recently providing bottom for Houston Person and Etta Jones, also happens to be one of high-end audio’s minor cult figures. As designer of New York Audio Labs’ Moscode amplifiers in the 1980s, he created a product still much sought-after on the used market; I used one for many years and often wish I had never sold it. Kaye was roaming the halls of the Hilton when he cornered me and proudly announced he was reviving his classic amp now called the Moscode 401HR ($4,995), which should be shipping by the time you read this. The 200-watt per channel amp combines the best of tube and solid-state technology so you get clear, solid bass and a warm, transparent midrange. Based on past performance, this should be a good one."

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Secrets of Home Theater and
High Fidelity: Show Report HE2005

Moscode is back with their new true hybrid 200 WPC at 4 ohms tube/solid state amplifier. The front door flips down for easy tube replacement. At $4,995 the 401HR stereo amplifier is not only eye-catching, but sounded excellent.

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New York, the HE2005
What the future holds

By John Acton

Von Schweikert's VR-4 JR speakers were also in use in the MOSCODE room, who were heralding their return with the introduction of the new 401 HR hybrid amplifier (around $5000). The amp utilizes a tube driver stage with a Cascode emitter, mated to a MOSFET output stage rated at 200 wpc into 8 ohms. Internal construction was top-notch, and the amp has the flexibility to accept a multitude of small-signal tubes, including 6H30Pi, 6922, 6GU7, 12AU7, etc...

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Home Entertainment 2005: Day 4
By Stephen Mejias

An interesting conversation with GK, Stephen Mejias of Stereophile, and Lorraine Janeway of Aperion Audio at HE2005

"George walks over, and I continue, 'Well, George was saying that the hi-fi hobby is generally a male thing….' "

"Ninety-eight percent," she [Lorraine Janeway] agrees.

"It’s very difficult for me to think that women simply don’t love music as much as men do. What George was saying was that part of the reason the hobby is so male-dominated is that it involves tinkering and tweaking, and that women and men go about the process of listening differently. I’ve been wondering what you think of that. Why aren’t there more women involved?"

"I’m glad you asked that," she says. And I’m relieved.

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