Harald's main System anchored by his new Moscode 401HR
           Harald's System
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Harald's M-L Sequel
   Martin-Logan Sequels
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Harald beside his new Moscode 401HR - Netherlands
         Harold's with his new
            Moscode 401HR

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Harald L
Location:   Delfgauw, The Netherlands
Amplifiers: Moscode 401HR & Moscode 300

Harald has been a long-time Moscode owner starting with the Moscode 300, owned since the 80s, and an amplifier he only now just replaced, this with his brand new Moscode 401HR.  He is ecstatic over the 401HR and is extremely satisfied with the upgrade, his system now anchored by the latest, greatest Moscode offering.  Please click on the shots at left for full views of Harald's system.  Many thanks to Harald for staying in the Moscode Family!  See Harald's comments here.

 Phono Linn Axis ~ Goldmund Relief Clamp
 Cartridge Ortofon MC30 S MC
 CDP Denon DCD-3520 cd player via "DC Link"
 CDP Revox B225 cdp
 CDP Philips CDR 765 CDP/R
 Tape Akai GX-747 RR
 Tape Technics RS-M275X
 Tuner Akai AT-S06
 Preamp NAD 1155
 Amplifier Moscode 401HR
 Amplifier Moscode 300
 Mains Martin Logan Sequel
 Phones AKG K240DF
 IC Profigold
 Speaker Van den Hul Type M.C. Magnum
 TT Target TT1 Wall Unit
 Gear Standesign Four
 Gear Standesign Two


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